Let’s see what actions may Thomas take to make his life goals a reality. There are two options.


1 . Increase his annual income by RM 24,000

2 . Increase the investment portfolio’s rate of return to 10.06 %, from the current 6.94 %

Due to the fact that Thomas was holding three part-time jobs at that moment and he could not take anymore. He was suggested that he reinvents his income-generating model and focus on the higher-income-earning jobs. Also, he needs to re-balance his investment portfolio to increase its rate of return.


Thomas loves investing in real property. He has 3 properties. Property No 2, the condominium, generates rental of RM 950 each month. Condominium 2 is still under construction. Thomas plans to buy Condominium 3 , which is still under construction either.

Through renting out two more properties, Thomas expects additional income of RM 4,000 each month, which is more than enough to cover the monthly installments for the two properties.

Thank you for reading this article ! Hope it helps and inspires you on your financial planning !

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