·   Where you are now financially? (Assess situation)

·   How do you get there? (Planning)

·   Where do you want to go? (Goal achievement)




1. Wealth Creation

Investment Planning (IP)

·   IP is a process to develop a well-structured investment policy through an interview process between investors and its financial planner. Through IP, financial planner will be able to assist investor to grow accumulate and preserve investor’s wealth towards achieving investor’s financial goals and objectives.

Real Estate Investment Advisory (REIA)

·   Real estate is a solid consistent and inflation-hedged investment mechanism to accumulate investor’s wealth. The objectives of this policy is to assists investor to achieve the optimum financial position.

–   The number of properties investor can secure at any point of time

–   To ensure investors are eligible for bank financing

–   To determine the amount of the property value that investor can effort

–   To meet the bank repayment every month


2. Wealth Distribution

Estate Planning Advisory (ESPA)

·   The purpose of Estate Planning Advisory (ESPA) is to plan for the effective enjoyment, ownership, management and disposition of assets during life, upon death and after death. Fundamental also to the process is to maximize the estate for heirs while minimizing taxes and other expenses. Thus, Estate Planning is the creation of wealth the preservation of wealth and the conservation of wealth at time of death.


3. Wealth Preservation

Assets management & cash flow optimization (AMCO)

·   Identifies client’s total assets available after years of accumulation and hard work. Each asset will be scrutinized to analyze its current value and potential for optimization and help client to understand the spending behavior, in short “where DOES the money go”

Tax Planning Advisory (TAXA)

·   The principles of tax planning forms an integral part of any wealth-building strategy. The overall objectives is to structure your affairs to legally minimize the amount of tax you have to pay. You can accomplish this by adhering to what we call the 4D’s of taxation deduct, defer, diminish and divide.

Retirement Life Goals Advisory (RGOAL)

·   The Life Goals Analysis is a tools that allows you to identify if you are on track to achieve your personal goals and objectives. The analysis provides a snapshot of your entire future financial life. By fine tuning on how you manage your finance, you can go from a shortfall to a surplus. When you have a surplus identified as an “Estate”, it means that you would achieve all of your goals and objectives with something left over at the end your planning horizon.


4. Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection Plan (WPP)

·   Identify the risks that could threaten your financial security

·   Quantify the risks

·   Determine if there is some way to mitigate the risks through planning

·   Transfer the remaining risk that you are unable or unwilling to assume yourself to an insurance company

MyCP is the comprehensive financial planning that covers the 4 quadrants of your wealth segments namely: Wealth Creation, Wealth Preservation, Wealth Protection and Wealth Distribution. MyCP gives you a Big Picture of your personal finance matters and allow you to make Prudent Decisions based on Facts & Data instead of Emotions or Wild Guesses.



Before analysis – Data Collection, assess client financial status:

·   Asset

·   Expenses

·   Liability

·   Income

After analysis – Preparation of a comprehensive financial plan with

·   Recommendations

·   Improvements

·   Progress Monitoring

·   Implementation

Using the 8 core financial planning advisory under 4 aspects to achieve client’s goal and objectives

·   Wealth Creation

·   Wealth Preservation

·   Wealth Distribution

·   Wealth Protection