The purpose of Estate Planning Advisory (ESPA) is to plan for the effective enjoyment, ownership, management and disposition of assets during life, upon death and after death. Fundamental also to the process is to maximize the estate for heirs while minimizing taxes and other expenses.  Thus, Estate Planning is the creation of wealth, the preservation of wealth and the conservation of wealth at time of death.


Like any planning, the process of creating an Estate Plan includes the following steps:

·   Identify your estate planning objectives

·   Gather information about your current situation

·   Analyze your current situation

·   Document an appropriate strategy and the eventual outcome of that strategy

·   Identify Action Steps required to implement the strategy

·   Make decisions for action


The implementation of an Estate Planning Strategy is achieved using a variety of devices.  The fundamentals of estate planning are the execution of a Will and Powers of Attorney (for Property and Personal Care).  More comprehensive estate planning might include trusts, estate freezes, holding companies, transfers or gifts of property, joint title or life interest in properties, and spousal trusts, just to name a few.


Before a strategy becomes effective, the appropriate legal documents must be executed.  Lack of careful planning or faulty execution of legal documents can alter or even invalidate the intentions of a well thought out strategy. We recommend that any competent legal counsel who is well versed in estate planning techniques to prepare the necessary legal instruments.