Martin Luther King Jr said: I have a dream. CC Advisory's dream is to raise the standard of CFP mark in financial planning industry. We believe that financial planner is comparable to other professionals likes accountant, lawyer and doctor because of the social impact that this professional can have on the individual's financial well being.


Our business model lies on the following factors:-

1.  Clear vision and mission statement

2.  Solid in house operation and support team

3.  Standardized marketing and sales process

4.  Nationwide branches up to 16 branches and 8 member firms and local support by respective branch managers

5.  Complete range of product and services 

6.  Fee-only financial planning division  


As a leader in financial planning industry, we believe that providing a sound financial planning practice environment is essential to inspire fellow CFPs to express their true potential to provide financial planning advisory to their clients. We calling the aspired CFP to join us to be our licensed financial planner.  


For further information about career opportunities with CC Advisory, you may call us at 603-7984 8988 or email us your resume to