Ever since Samantha was crown “Bubble Tea Master” by her friends, she has deepened her love of bubble tea. One day, she unexpectedly found out she has lost an overseas trip just because of excessive spending on bubble tea within 4 months! The realisation leads Samantha to declare war against “bubble tea syndrome “!

Samantha has shared the outcome of some basic calculation which leads to her realisation that she lost her Bali trip air-fare. Assuming three cups of bubble tea per week, a five months expenditure on bubble tea is RM576. She also admits other that someday she consumes two cups of bubble tea because delivery to door steps is so convenient.

Samantha always the first amongst her friends to know the latest brand of bubble tea launched and nevertheless the first who tried it before others. That was how she got the title “Bubble Tea Master” and her vanity grows with more likes in her social media posts which share the latest and trendiest bubble tea she tried. To fulfil her “mastery” in bubble tea as known in her circle, she found it impossible to quit bubble tea…

“Hey Samantha, I saw your bubble tea posts frequently, I make a rough estimation and I think you could afford a two-way ticket to Bali from your spending in bubble tea.” A friendly reminder by her friend during a gathering leads Samantha to have a reflection on her bubble tea syndrome for the first time. “Don’t you like to go Taiwan? If your drinks for another two more months, how much you spent on bubble tea could be sufficient for a Taiwan trip.”

From here on, Samantha  knows why she needs to quite because she is going to pursue her goal for trip to her favourite countries to get to know more, see more and taste more variety of foods. But how could she had lost to bubble tea?

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Let’s have a look at the evidence! (below is just an estimation)

January to April = 4 months

3 cups/ week = 12 cups/ months

4 months x 12 cups = 48 cups

48 cups x RM12-15 = RM576 – RM720

Chasing after bubble tea trend starting as a hobby for Samantha, but as time passed, it doesn’t feel as enjoyable as it used to me. Samantha felt pressured as she find it hard to accept she is not the first who get hold on the trendiest bubble tea amongst her peers. Each posting with her bubble tea is a “show off” without aware of it. Samantha felt miserable, the pure joy and drinking bubble tea is no longer there anymore.

Samantha gave herself a challenge and declare war against her bubble tea syndrome so in the next 4 months, she is holding her ticket to Bali and obviously she won!

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