As the global situation of the spread of the Covid-19 virus deteriorates, most multinational conglomerates are pursuing professional advices on pandemic insurance policy.   Many corporations in Malaysia are now taking guidance on contingency planning on how to reduce their financial risks, while their economies are harmed on threatened by the extremely infectious coronavirus […]

Life Is A Balancing Act

In below case study, we are gonna figuring out how will banking on property investment help Thomas, a family man to meet his goals ! Let’s start the exploration by glancing through Thomas’ family tree. “Life is quite tough now. My wife resigned from work when she gave birth to our youngest daughter. Our children’s […]

The answer is a YES !

Having the right strategies and effort, slowly but surely , the goal will be reached ! Let’s reveal the strategies for our latest case study of Alfred, a young engineer who wants to purchase a new car and a condominium. After scrutinizing Alfred’s current financial position, there are two highly recommended personal financial strategies as […]

Bubble Tea Syndrome

Ever since Samantha was crown “Bubble Tea Master” by her friends, she has deepened her love of bubble tea. One day, she unexpectedly found out she has lost an overseas trip just because of excessive spending on bubble tea within 4 months! The realisation leads Samantha to declare war against “bubble tea syndrome “! Samantha […]